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Become a Sangoma Authorized Partner! Sangoma's Partner programs provide the flexibility and tools to grow your business and expand your reach. Regardless if you are selling FreePBX, PBXact, SBC's PSTN Cards, Gateways, Skype for Business or any of the other Sangoma Products our Partner Program will give you access to all of our products and receive the world class service and a product unbeatable by others in its class.

Sangoma Partner Program- To review our program and requirements to become a Sangoma Partner click here or start your application process below.

Application Enrollment- Please complete the following application for approval to become a Sangoma Partner. A Sangoma representative will contact you and guide you through the next steps in the process of becoming a Sangoma partner. Once your application has been approved you will be required to pay a $500.00 Enrollment fee which includes Free of Charge the following Not For Resale Software licenses.

FreePBX Commercial Modules All FreePBX Commercial Modules with the exception of High Availability

SBC Software License 5 call path SBC software license

Reseller Application
Why do you want to become a Sangoma Partner?

To resell hardware (appliances, phones, gateways, legacy PSTN connectivity)
To resell commercial software (FreePBX commercial modules and/or PBXact)
To purchase FreePBX support
To resell FreePBX support subscriptions
To OEM / white label the FreePBX Distro or PBXact on your own premise based hardware
To OEM/ white label the FreePBX Distro or PBXact in your own or co-located data center (hosted or cloud solution)
To resale FreePBX hosted and cloud based solutions
For consulting/support on FreePBX/PBXact systems
If you select other please tell us what you are looking to do?:
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Company Information

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About Your Facilites
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Voice Systems Sold
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If already selling Open Source Solutions, which Distro are you using?
FreePBX Distro
PBX in a Flash
TrixBox CE (EOL)
If you select other please tell us which distro:

Install Services Offered
Phone Systems
PC Network
Wiring and Cabling

Where do you buy telephony equipment
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