Schmooze Communications


Offer your own hosted PBX solutions using Schmooze Com's revolutionary Hosted PBX platform! A true turnkey platform designed for ITSP's and hosting providers. Our turnkey solution allows you to offer more service and generate additional revenue.

You provide the hardware in your datacenter and we install and manage all of the software. Using our simple order process PBX's are automatically created on your Turnkey platform . A truly seamless end to end solution.

  What is it?
The turnkey solution makes it easy for you to cost effectively deploy your own hosted PBX solution and reach a new demographic of customers or further service existing clients. This allows you the flexibility to set your own rates and packages, utilize your own SIP provider.

How Does it Work?
We utilize custom virtualiztion technology that allows you to run multiple PBX instances on a single server, or multiple servers. If you are using more than 1 server you can even migrate PBX's between physical servers on the fly. Getting setup is easy! We will send you an ISO to install on your approved server(s). Once you have the ISO installed and the basic networking setup our engineers will log into each server and complete the configuration. At this point you will be ready to configure PBX's on your new hosted platform.


A Complete Solution
Schmooze Communication's Turnkey offering is a complete hosted business telephone solution. The Turnkey solution is based on the industry leading PBXact platform and offers a full lineup of features along with our best in class voice quality. With innovative features like the Magic Button, voicemail to email functionality and XactView! The Turnkey solution offers a reliable, affordable, scalable solution for your customers.

Get Started!
Schmooze's reseller programs provide the flexibility and tools to grow your business and expand your reach. Schmooze delivers to your business plan instead of forcing you to adopt ours. Like our products, our reseller program is unique. Get ready for great support and access to a graphic's department for sales and support materials!